Our Equipment

With HEK equipment provided by Northeast Mast Climbers, your jobs will be carried out efficiently and economically. The machines we provideinclude transport platforms for transporting bulky and heavy loads and material hoists for efficient transportation of goods for smaller projects.All HEK equipment is fast to assemble, offers plenty of room to perform work, and provides rapid and energy-saving transportation ofpersonnel.

Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Alimak Aliclimber 6600 (Heavy Range)

The Alimak twin 6600, with a 120-foot long platform, has a working load of 2,000 pounds. The platform climbs up and down the masts at a rate of 30 feet per minute and can be operated from either control.

HEK MSM Super (Medium Range)

A highly-flexible work platform ideal for elevations up to 660 ft and can be used with single or double masts. Platform lengths extend from 5 ft to 107 ft with payloads up to 8,800 lbs.

HEK MS-5000 (Heavy Range)

A freestanding work platform ideal for masonry, brick laying, cladding, glazing, renovation or demolition with its lower deck. Platform dimensions are 5 ft wide to 59 ft long with a payload capacity of 11,000 lbs.

HEK MSHF (Heavy Range)

A freestanding work platform ideal for when anchoring is not an option. Rises 66 ft outside or 99 ft inside on a mobile chassis. Especially ideal for façade, towers, and structures with payload capacities up to 8,800 lbs.

HEK ProMax (Heavy Range)

A work platform with a gearbox providing a 57% increase in travel speed to 36 ft per minute. Load capacity insingle-mast configuration is 6,600 lbs maximum and 10,000 lbs in twin-mast configuration.

Safi Jolly Jr. (Light Range)

Single 17’ long and twin 52’ long unit offers variety of configurations for use in areas not able to support a standard mast climber. Easily installed. Does not require use of a forklift. Travel speed of 20 ft per minute and capacity of 880 lbs. for asingle and 1,760 for a twin offer many advantages to swing staging.

Mast Climbing Work Platforms

HEK GTP Dual 500

A single mast machine ideal for when space is limited. Maximum payload is 1,100 lbs (including 3 people) up to heights of 395 ft. Platform dimensions are 4 ft x 5.25 ft.

HEK GTP Dual T 1500

A twin mast machine with a large-sized platform. Maximum payload is 3,300 lbs (including 7 people) up to heights of 395 ft. Platform dimensions are 13 ft x 5 ft.